How to make sourdough starter in progressive, lossless way

Starter in 7 days - method by Piotr Polomski. The rule: start with small amount of flour and day by day double volume without throwing starter.

Portion of flour:
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Starter hydration:
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Less hydration about 50-60% is for low proteins all-purpose flour, for bread flour use min. 60%, for wholemeal more than 70%. For make starter fast, keep it in about 28°C / 82°F optimal temperature for develop wild yeast.

It is no need to select units. You can type weight of initial portion of flour in any unit. If you type eg. 60 grams or 1 kg the results will be also in grams or kilograms. If you type eg 2.12 ounces, the result will be also in ounces.